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If you ever find yourself in Hvar town and want to spend a few days away from its crazy nightlife, busy beaches, and the sounds of Despacito through the streets (Hvar town has rightfully earned the title of Croatia’s party place), here is what you do: you hop in a taxi and head to Villa Jagodna. A beautiful villa located only 10 minutes by car north of Hvar town that features a stunning location, private “50 shades of turquoise” bay (which you can explore with canoes provided by the accommodation), super privé sunbathing areas, and the most most most welcoming hosts.
Rooms are basic, clean and come with relaxing views of the sea and surrounding pine trees. Stepping on the balcony at night means that you will find yourself under a gazillion shiny stars, which, in combination with the sounds of the waves and the sea breeze, make Villa Jagodna the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. Another perk of the villa is that every night the chef fires up the coals and cooks fresh, local meat and seafood (that you get to choose beforehand by the way) to perfection, which you can accompany with food from a Mediterranean / Croatian buffet (salads, pasta, cooked vegetables, cheese, dips, bread etc). If you are lucky, you will be there on the day of the week that peka is served; a traditional Dalmatian dish with meat or seafood (usually lamb or octopus) and vegetables, slowly roasted in a covered pan in an open fire oven. Breakfast is equally satisfying (and is included in the price of the booking), with buffet options such as cereals, bread, fruits and nuts, and eggs cooked to your liking. And to top all of that, lovely hosts and villa owners Ana Hraste and her father Peter Hraste will go out of their way to make sure everything is perfect.
“You are welcome here anytime. Our home is your home” was their “Goodbye” to us, along with a Villa Jagodna goody bag that included homemade lavender oil (Croatia is big on lavender products), and homemade liqueur. 


I will be returning.  

Price list, additional fees and villa amenities here. Check availability here. 

Book a room here.

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