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Here is the deal. Scotland is always beautiful. Always. Doesn’t matter if it’s foggy, sunny, rainy, cloudy, freezing cold or steaming hot lukewarm (bless the Scots, they raise a heatwave alarm on anything above 25°C ). However, one of my all time favourite times to visit the country and, particularly, the Scottish Highlands is definitely autumn. The landscapes are ablaze with warm orange and vivid red, the wildlife is thriving with activity and the trees shed their yellow leaves, adding crackling noise and even more colour to the surroundings.
Loch Lomond is one of the most stunning and popular Highland destinations, and its proximity to the populated Scottish south (you can reach the loch’s northernmost part within 1 hour of driving from Glasgow and 2 hours from Edinburgh) make it ideal for a day or weekend roadtrip. Marking the beginning of the Highlands, Loch Lomond is the largest freshwater lake/loch in the UK by surface area (and the 2nd by volume, after Loch Ness) and is populated with a number of islands (such as Inchmurrin, the largest freshwater island amongst the British isles, which features, amongst others, its own whiskey distillery). The most visited getaways in the area are the adorable towns of Balloch and Lussin which you can enjoy the Balloch Castle Country park, the Luss Pier and, of course, the killer nature views. Outdoors activities and sports are also extremely popular (or you can enjoy the landscape from the comfort of your car with the heating on – joking partially joking) and Loch Lomond has some fine options for that: from hiking up Ben Lomond (Ben = mountain in Gaelic) (Gaelic = Celtic language once spoken throughout Scotland → it has pretty much nothing to do with English, but resembles Nordic languages → modern Scotland was colonised by Vikings) to exploring the glens (glen = valley in Gaelic), such as the Fairy Glen. So do yourselves a favour and organise a trip to the Highlands (and Scotland in general) soon! You’ll thank me later!
Tip: Looking for accommodation in Loch Lomond? Then I recommend you go for the full rustic experience and stay at the Shantron Farm Bed & Breakfast. It is cute, the hosts are great, the breakfast hearty and delish, not to mention the panoramic views! For sure, one of my highlights from my weekend at Loch Lomond.


Have you ever been to Loch Lomond?

What is your fav place in the Highlands?

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