about terrIFIc wanders

Wandering the World Whilst Working: Traveling is awesome. But so is having a job because, food, rent, bills, eyebrow products, you know, life. And, whereas many, if not most, travel bloggers are permanent nomads who quit their job and travel the world full-time, myself and many others are happy to balance a busy life with well-deserved travel breaks. How, you ask? You find creative ways to combine both; take advantage of those long weekends, make the most of that work trip abroad, plan a kick-ass itinerary for that 2-week summer holiday and more. In other words, you master the art of part-time traveling!
What you’ll find on the blog: I love to travel. I love planning to travel. I love planning to start planning to travel. It is one of my favourite pastimes, besides eating carbs. I love getting out my notepad (old-schooling it, yes) and write everything down: flights, car routes, sights, accommodations, places to eat, places to drink. I find it so exciting. Even more exciting? When my plans turn into action! Taking that flight to Iceland that I watched getting closer in my calendar as the weeks went by. Eating at that tapas restaurant in Madrid that I have been drooling over for months. Going on that boat ride in Loch Ness as I was planning to do ever since first heard about Nessie (she’s real).
So I thought, why not turn this hobby of mine into a blog? A collection of  tips, memories, photographs, as well as (detailed) itineraries from travels, roadtrips, weekends away, even day excursions, which I share with whoever has a passion for traveling. 

In other words, welcome to terrIFIc  wanders!


P.S: The content of terrIFIc wanders, both written and photographic, is copyright Ifigeneia Stavrou, and reproduction is not permitted, unless authority is provided.