How to spend a long weekend in Copenhagen

Long weekends are the best, and not just because you get to stay home from work an extra day. It’s because without much of a fuss – you can easily book cheap flights to various European destinations (that is, if you live in Europe. For all non-Europeans, flights will cost you more, but they’re so worth it!).
One of these lovely destinations is Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and one of the most beautiful Scandinavian cities (not to mention one of the happiest, as the Danes proudly hold the title as some of the most content people in the world).
I had the pleasure to experience the beauty and spirit of the Danish capital twice, once in February (when I lost all my fingers to frostbite) and once in May, and have formed a solid plan of what you should do there.

So let’s break down

How to spend a long weekend in Copenhagen:

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