On the way to Oban: a weekend of Sun, Sea & Shellfish in Scotland

If living in Scotland has taught me one thing, besides that Scots are amongst the friendliest people one will ever meet, is that you don’t let a glorious sunny day go to waste. So on one of the sunniest Saturday mornings I have ever experienced in Scotland, with “The Rough guide to Scottish Highlands & islands” always on one hand and backpack on the other, we were off to the Highlands!
The mission? To EAT! More specifically, to feast our way through the West Highlands on some of Scotland’s best and freshest seafood, which is famous all over Europe! I‘m talking splendid Scottish salmon (whose exports this year reached a record-breaking £600 million!), succulent scallops, ginormous lobsters, amazing oysters and more. And I was about to consume all of the above – and then some – whilst making my way to the Seafood Capital of Scotland, the beautiful Oban.
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