5+1 Scottish weekend road trips you must do in your lifetime

A road trip to the Scottish Highlands should be on everyone’s bucket list, including yours (sorry to sound patronising, but trust me on this one.). Why? Because Scotland is a magical land of breathtaking natural scenery, striking man-made wonders and a fascinating history wrapped up in myths and legends, which make it the ideal place to go for a drive. Yet to be convinced? Then note that just this past year Scotland was voted as “the most beautiful country in the world” by the readers of Rough Guides, one of the most distinguished and famous travel guidebooks worldwide (*cue the applause!!!*) .
Of course Scotland owes part of its fame and glory to its enchanting, interesting and historic cities, such as Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow and St Andrews, but to properly experience the magnitude of the country’s beauty, you MUST drive to the Scottish Highlands.

So pick the route, buckle up, turn up the music and enjoy the ride! 

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