5+1 ways to enjoy Cyprus in the winter – a local’s guide

And I use the term “winter” loosely, especially when comparing it to the winters of most other European countries. In fact, before I continue any further let me drop some numbers regarding February’s weather in my home country
  • Average number of sunshine hours in Larnaca: 209h (compared to 67h in Copenhagen, 74h in Berlin, 78h in London, 168h in Athens and 186h in Santa Cruz-Tenerife)
  • Average number of rainy days in Larnaca: (compared to 7 in Santa Cruz-Tenerife, 8 in Athens, 9 in Berlin, 10 in London and 11 in Copenhagen).
  • Average daytime temperature in Larnaca: 17°C (compared to 3°C in Copenhagen, 5°C in Berlin, 9°C in London, 14°C in Athens and 21°C in Santa Cruz-Tenerife. Ok, Tenerife, you won here).

Need I write more? 

Now, if you are heading over to Cyprus for a wee winter getaway (omg how Scottish am I?! → clarification: “wee” in Scottish slang means “small”, not to be confused with the synonym for “pee”) and to escape the frozen horror that was winter 2017/2018, then..

here are 5+1 ways to enjoy the island, even in its “coldest” of days:

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